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Employee resources


New hires

New VCU Dental Care staff should take the following steps upon hire:

  • Get your VCUCard: The VCUCard is VCU’s official identification card for employees, affiliates and students. Call the VCUCard office at (804) 827-2273 to make sure your ID card has been processed before going to pick it up. See the VCUCard website for more details.
  • Obtain your VCU eID: To ensure you receive a computer login account by your first work day, you should set up your VCU eID as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will be a delay in your ability to have computer access on your first day of work. Your eID allows you to use many VCU electronic services and Web applications, including email. Keep in mind that you must have a valid VCUCard before you can obtain an eID. Visit the VCU eID Finder to obtain your eID and set your password.
  • Complete HIPAA, OSHA and information security training: All employees are required to complete this training on an annual basis. If you have questions, contact Compliance Officer Shane Castro at secastro@vcu.edu.

To complete HIPAA, OSHA and information security training:

  • Sign into Blackboard
  • Under “My Courses,” find “Dental School OSHA, HIPAA and Information Security Training.” If you do not see the course listed, please try again within three days of your actual hire date. The department or human resources might be waiting on further information in order to generate your eID, or they are waiting for the Blackboard administrator to enroll you in the training.
  • Once you complete training, email densafety@vcu.edu your name and department stating that you have passed the training tests.
  • Complete computer basic skills training: All new employees also must participate in mandatory computer basic skills training. The new employee will be contacted by a trainer from the Office of Information Technology to schedule the basic skills training session, which covers operation of a Windows computer, VCU email systems, managing a VCU eID account and much more. The session will help the new employee navigate computer systems used at VCU Dental Care, answer questions and be more productive using computer systems. Completion of the required training is necessary in order to obtain computer accounts.
  • Access your VCU email account: Your email address will be automatically generated. You can check your VCU email from any computer with Internet access by visiting Apps for VCU.
  • Access the myPaychex portal:  The myPaychex portal is a one-stop location for timekeeping entries and updating human resources information at VCU Dental Care.  The human resources tab allows employees and independent contractors to check their pay stubs, view their cumulative deductions and update their home address information on the web.  The time and labor tab allows employees to clock in and out, view their time, and request leave.  Access mypaychex.com and log in with your username and password you were given when hired.
  • View STARS information: VCU Dental Care is committed to the values of Service, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect and Stewardship. We have established a program that recognizes employees who have demonstrated STARS qualities above and beyond normal expectations. Please view the STARS recognition form to learn more about values embedded in our organization.