VCU Dental Care now offers Teledentistry

Schedule your visit by:

  1. Calling 804-827-3768
  2. Ask about scheduling a virtual evaluation

What is a virtual evaluation

A virtual evaluation is not under any specific branch of dentistry however, it is a good first point of contact for our dentists to virtually assess patient needs. Patients can schedule an appointment to come in and have their required dental work completed.

Why should I consider a virtual evaluation

By participating in teledentistry we aim to cater towards our diverse patient population. Teledentistry allows dental care access for patients who live in more remote or rural areas. Participating in a virtual evaluation saves our patients the time and cost.

What to expect for your Teledentistry virtual evaluation

Once you call 804-827-3768, a representative will walk though all the information for getting an appointment scheduled. Please try to have your insurance information ready. Additionally, if you opt in, you can receive appointment reminders. After the phone call the representative will securely send you an email with the appointment details and instructions. The email will include information on:

  • Appointment date and time
  • How to log in to your appointment
  • How to send images to us securely ahead of your visit
  • How to access patient portal to complete your documentation

How to prepare for your Teledentistry virtual evaluation

  1. Confirm your appointment or reschedule in advance
  2. Send us images ahead of your appointment. See our image guide to taking perfect dental photos
  3. Complete all forms in the patient portal
  4. Have a device with a camera and microphone ready
  5. Have the zoom app installed and the join information ready
  6. Have access to a stable internet connection
  7. Have access to a private space

Do you have questions? Contact us at 804-827-3768 or check out the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Go to  

2. Log in with your user name and temporary password provided to you. If you do not know what this is, please call 804-827-3768 

3. Follow the on screen instructions and update your password.

Password Guidelines

  • Length between 8 and 24 characters
  • Must contain at least 1 capital letter
  • Must contain at least 1 lowercase letter
  • Must contain at least 1 number

4. Navigate to the iForms tab and complete any assigned iForms.

5. Once finished please scroll to the bottom and click finished once and again in the pop up to save your answers. 

Zoom can be used on a computer, in your browser downloaded or as an application, or on a mobile device as a mobile application.  

For computers:

For mobile devices:


Supplemental Zoom instructions

See our comprehensive Teledentistry image guide


Tips for taking photos

  • Try and use the flash on your phone or camera
  • Spoons help you pull your cheek and lip away for a good view instead of using your fingers
  • Taking photos alone? Setting the timer for 3-10 seconds helps
  • Standing in front of a mirror helps to get a good picture


Getting ready for the appointment

  • Try to have a light source behind the camera on your computer, iPad, or phone
  • Maximize/enlarge the window that you will be  looking at for the consultation. 
  • The dentist will be instructing you to put your fingers in the mouth to move their lips and cheeks and that may have them move their head certain ways (up, down, left, right) so that they can see. 
  • Before the appointment starts, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and avoid touching any surfaces after you have washed your hands. 
  • You may need to do additional testing on the teeth and will most likely be taking an x-ray when you come into the office. 
  • The video examination helps us narrow down what their potential treatment needs will be but may not provide a definitive answer.
  • This evaluation will help determine the best clinical practice in VCU Dental Care for your in-person appointment.